the walkmen

for fans of the shins and arcade fire: 

check out THE WALKMEN! their sweet indie sound graces their new album heaven. the east coast band has been making headlines with their title track “heaven.” take a listen!

the features rock! (literally)

check em out. their new album, “wilderness” came out june 5th. they promise hard hitting singles that are on the same lines as Kings of Leon, the Black Keys, and Franz Ferdinand. 

who doesn’t love FREE music?!

hey hey music lovers, check out The Features, a rising indie band with a new album out! you’ll be sure to fall in love with them if your fans of Kings of Leon and The Black Keys. their new album “wilderness” hit record stores and itunes a few days ago on june 5th. the lovely alt group are giving fans a free download of Still Lost, Volume 1. check it out and have yo mind blown!

don’t they look cool? check em out

tUnE-yArDs- bizness

dont take my life away


hey tumblers! its been a while, and i appologize. this semester is busier than ever, and unfortunately tumblr has taken a back burner. with that being said, i feel like there are some updates i need to share with the tumblr community:

best coast is back!

my weekly radio show is back, giving you lots of music updates from rising indie, electronic, and alternative artists. take a listen every saturday from 12-1:30pm (central time) on marquette radio!

check out women filming music

i am currently researching different music documentaries filmed by women. i will be blogging my findings, so be sure to visit it frequently for updates!


yes, i will still be reviewing music, but look for more photography to be posted over the next couple of months. i am currently building my portfolio, and will be sharing them with the tumblr world!

feed it back

you can never improve without receiving feedback. so let me know what is up! id love to hear your thoughts about the various postings.

until next time (soon, i promise!) tumblers…

congrats to grammy winning the civil wars!

group love- tongue tied (gigamesh remix)

like peter pan up in the sky

a beautiful film with beautiful musicians. this is what i want to do with my life.  

george harrison exhibit at the grammy museum in la. one of the most under rated musicians of our time.

george harrison exhibit at the grammy museum in la. one of the most under rated musicians of our time.

the cliche reflective post of 2011

well 2012 is here, and we’re not dead yet! 2011 was probably one of the best years of my life. school was good to me, friendships became stronger, my work ethic grew, and my affinity for music became even stronger. it is safe to say i am sad to see 2011 go, but look forward to the fun that 2012 brings!

with that being said, i feel that it is my duty as a blogger to create a “best of 2011” list. and since the only thing im knowledgeable about is music, here you go!

best song to bust a move to:

shake it out (benny benassi remix)- florence and the machine

best song to clean your room to:

girl is on my mind- the black keys

best song to blast in the car with your windows rolled down:

sleigh bells (clique new trends remix)- rill rill

best song to play while getting ready for a night out:

take me out- cut copy

best song to obnoxiously pregame to:

kick us out- hyper crush

best song to eat peanut butter to while reminiscing over a bad breakup:

poison and wine- the civil wars

best song to blog to:

broken open- cold war kids

best song to dance to in a club setting:

every tear drop is a waterfall (avicii remix)- coldplay

best song to listen to when you want to brighten the mood:

CPR/claws pt. 2- typhoon

best breakout british indie song:

flaws- bastille

best song to run on the treadmill to:

ignition (keep it remixing louder)- r. kelly and major lazer

best song to sing in the shower to:

we are young- fun

best song to study to:

your hand in mine- explosions in the sky

best collaboration between an electronic dj and top 40 artist:

collide- leona lewis ft. avicii

best cover song:

we found love- coldplay (original by rihanna)

goodbye 2011, you will live on through tunes. 

"i think people who create and write, it actually does flow—just flows from into their head, into their hand, and they write it down. it’s simple."

— paul mccartney

bob dylan- house of the risin’ sun

for some reason, this song seems appropriate right now. 

lets sing

and dance and make music. 

so heres my hope, my tired soul.

the civil wars- my father’s father