hey tumblers! its been a while, and i appologize. this semester is busier than ever, and unfortunately tumblr has taken a back burner. with that being said, i feel like there are some updates i need to share with the tumblr community:

best coast is back!

my weekly radio show is back, giving you lots of music updates from rising indie, electronic, and alternative artists. take a listen every saturday from 12-1:30pm (central time) on marquette radio!

check out women filming music

i am currently researching different music documentaries filmed by women. i will be blogging my findings, so be sure to visit it frequently for updates!


yes, i will still be reviewing music, but look for more photography to be posted over the next couple of months. i am currently building my portfolio, and will be sharing them with the tumblr world!

feed it back

you can never improve without receiving feedback. so let me know what is up! id love to hear your thoughts about the various postings.

until next time (soon, i promise!) tumblers…

a beautiful film with beautiful musicians. this is what i want to do with my life.